We’re thrilled to announce we’re working on a new outreach program, “Telling My Story”, in collaboration with Dr. Susan Dewey, professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice at The University of Alabama, and Julie Tennant-Caine, Deputy Administrator in the Prison Division of the Wyoming Department of Corrections. This program aspires to support currently and formerly incarcerated women through offering outlets for creative expression, human connection and physical activity, while providing an innovative, cathARTic way of addressing victimization & trauma experiences.

Thanks to the incredible support of Creative Performances & NYC’s pre-eminent artistic incubator, Dixon Place, we were able to develop ideas for “Telling My Story” during the pandemic, culminating in two online performances: Dixon Connect Virtual on September 10th & Dance Bloc III on December 11th.

In addition to developing this “Telling My Story”, we continue to offer Free Classes for Every Body, including our nonprofit partners, Bahama Village Music Program & MARC. We hope you will join us and enjoy these online classes.

For more information on our 2020-2021 Season, please click here.