We are pleased to announce our Autism Movement Therapy certification.

About AMT: Give your child a sense of freedom & space to grow in this judgement-free, structured environment that supports them in becoming comfortable moving their bodies & being in a group setting. AMT is an empowering sensory integration strategy that combines movement (patterning & visual movement calculation), music (audile receptive processing & rhythm), and improvisation (sequencing) into a “whole brain” cognitive thinking approach to significantly improve behavioral, emotional, academic, social, speech and language skills. Supported by academic research, the AMT method is proving to be highly effective in activating and awakening areas of the brain.

Autism Movement Therapy, Inc is a nonprofit organization, focused on serving the autism & special needs community through providing a structured movement & music program as well as providing advocacy and community outreach to create understanding and bring dignity to the spectrum community across the globe.

Through cognitive re-mapping, Joanne Lara’s successful Autism Movement Therapy® is an interhemispheric SENSORY INTEGRATION technique incorporating movement and music in collaboration with Positive Behavior Support (PBS) strategies to assist individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in meeting and achieving their speech and language, social and academic IEP goals.