We are excited to announce the new Dance America Program in partnership with Grace Lutheran School in Key West.

This program introduces students (K-8) to Classical Ballet, Social Dances, African, Jazz, and more. This is accomplished in a learning atmosphere where students learn not only the specific dances of a given era but also the historical settings in which those dances took place. This gives students a better understanding of the socio-historical relationships in which these dances were created, and a better overall understanding of the importance of historical events in creating cultural expressions (such as dance).

Quite simply, Grace Lutheran School and Dance Key West work together to offer American History in a fun and a physically active way, inspiring new methods of learning and self-expression.

Grace Lutheran School in Key West, Florida adapts the most successful model of education to the modern day classroom. We teach children to think independently and beneficially for the glory of God and the furthering of His kingdom on earth.

Dance America is sponsored in part by the Florida Keys Council of the Arts, the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture and private donations.