We are excited to announce the new Dance America Program in partnership with Grace Lutheran School in Key West.

This program introduces students (K-8) to Classical Ballet, Social Dances, African, Jazz, and more. This is accomplished in a learning atmosphere where students learn not only the specific dances of a given era but also the historical settings in which those dances took place. This gives students a better understanding of the socio-historical relationships in which these dances were created, and a better overall understanding of the importance of historical events in creating cultural expressions (such as dance).

Quite simply, Grace Lutheran School and Dance Key West work together to offer American History in a fun and a physically active way, inspiring new methods of learning and self-expression.

We’re thrilled to announce we’re working on a new outreach program, “Telling My Story”, in collaboration with Dr. Susan Dewey, professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice at The University of Alabama, and Julie Tennant-Caine, regional director at the South Carolina Department of Corrections. This program aspires to support currently and formerly incarcerated women through offering outlets for creative expression, human connection and physical activity, while providing an innovative, cathARTic way of addressing victimization & trauma experiences.

The ReMARCable Dance Project is an innovative dance program that combines the talents of Dance Key West, Blue’s Clues’ Steve Burns and MARC.

This exciting program intends to benefit MARC clients by helping them improve coordination, participate in mild physical activity and provide an opportunity for socialization, all while learning the art of dance. We believe that artistic expression and physical activity are imperative to good health, and that every creative voice should be nurtured.

For our 5th ReMARCable Dance Project, MARC clients will team up with Dance Key West & Steve, to learn dance moves, create choreography, perform and have fun!

For five wonderful years, Dance Key West offered weekly dance & technique classes onsite at Bahama Village Music Program. Designed to educate and inspire, our curriculum included ballet, African, tap, jazz, theater dance, contemporary, Latin, hip-hop, composition, Junkanoo, & dance history! Additionally, we offered classes on location during BVMP’s six-week summer camp. As always, our outreach programs are free of cost to participants.

Special thanks to everyone who supported our work with BVMP, and to our Tap Shoe Angels: Olivia Delaune, Stephanie Leone, Erin Stover-Sickmen, Jill Niedzwiecki, Joyce Carpenter, Rhonda Saunders, Sandi Boll, and Lisa Stuart - In Loving Memory of her tap dancing mom, Lee Menke.

We are pleased to announce our Autism Movement Therapy certification.

About AMT: Give your child a sense of freedom & space to grow in this judgement-free, structured environment that supports them in becoming comfortable moving their bodies & being in a group setting. AMT is an empowering sensory integration strategy that combines movement (patterning & visual movement calculation), music (audile receptive processing & rhythm), and improvisation (sequencing) into a “whole brain” cognitive thinking approach to significantly improve behavioral, emotional, academic, social, speech and language skills. Supported by academic research, the AMT method is proving to be highly effective in activating and awakening areas of the brain.

Giving back to the community is a very important part of our mission.

Here’s a list of organizations and events we’ve been proud to support thus far:

A-T Children’s Project

AIDS Help (Fantasy Fest)

The Southernmost Marathon

Switchboard 211 Helpline of The Keys


Bahama Village Music Program


Grace Lutheran School

It is our goal to share our love of dance with the Key West community, and beyond.

Mission: To support and produce the artistic vision of Kyla Piscopink, to promote the art of dance, and to share the experience of the art form by engaging individuals, the under-served community of Key West, and communities beyond.

To request a Dance Key West performance or presence at your event, please email: dancekw@gmail.com.