Dance Key West and the Key West Theater have partnered up to offer movement classes and workshops for all levels. Our class offerings are for anyone who wants to move their body, feel healthy and be happy.

It is Dance Key West’s mission to support and produce the artistic vision of Kyla Piscopink, to promote the art of dance, and to share the experience of the art form by engaging individuals, the underserved community of Key West, and communities beyond. We are proud to fulfill our mission in collaboration with our friends at the Key West Theater, and we can’t wait to dance with you in our new home. Please join us for weekly classes beginning January 14th. Let’s Dance Key West!


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5-6pm Monday, led by Kyla Piscopink

Align, lengthen, and strengthen your body while working and balancing all muscle groups. This class incorporates the key principles of pilates - centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. “Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”-Joseph Pilates


5-6pm Tuesday, led by Kyla Piscopink

This class is for students enrolled with BVMP.

We are thrilled to offer weekly dance and technique classes in our home studio at Key West Theater for Bahama Village Music Program students. BVMP Dance + Technique class includes ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, composition, dance history and more. As always, our outreach programs are free of cost to participants.



9-10am Wednesday, led by Kristen Huffman

Focused on toning and building muscle, this total body conditioning class will leave you feeling stronger than ever.


5-6pm Wednesday, led by Kyla Piscopink

Spend your hump day happy hour catching a buzz in the best way possible. Join us for a perfect cocktail - pilates, barre, and a full-out dance party. From classical music to classic rock, and everything in between, music changes weekly to keep you inspired and on your toes. You’ll learn a few simple repetitive sequences per song, get your heart rate up like whoa, and leave class feeling like the rock star you are.


9-10am Thursday, led by Cricket Desmarais

All ages & levels / previous dance experience NOT required

No need to fret about technique & choreographic memorization—the focus here is on self-expression & fun, facilitated through a variety of creative prompts that help generate spontaneous movement in the moment in a safe & judgement-free zone. Enhance your physical awareness, explore your range of movement, & expand your self confidence with improvisational exercises, partner work, & full-on improv dance jams.


COMING SOON - TBA, led by Cricket Desmarais, AMT certified

for children 7-12 years old with autism & their parents, teachers, & paraprofessionals

Give your child a sense of freedom & space to grow in this judgement-free, structured environment that supports them in becoming comfortable moving their bodies & being in a group setting. AMT is an empowering sensory integration strategy that combines movement (patterning & visual movement calculation), music (audile receptive processing & rhythm), and improvisation (sequencing) into a “whole brain” cognitive thinking approach to significantly improve behavioral, emotional, academic, social, speech and language skills. Supported by academic research, the AMT method is proving to be highly effective in activating and awakening areas of the brain.